Up to 3,000 times the bacterial growth on hollow-head toothbrushes

At Artistic Touch Dentistry, we know that cleanliness is the key to optimal oral hygiene. Controlling bacteria is an important part of that process, but new research indicates that one type of electric toothbrush may promote 3,000 times the bacterial growth of other brushes. Yuck!

Researchers at University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston found that the key is in the design of the electric toothbrushes head. Solid-head power toothbrushes retain less bacteria compared to hollow-head toothbrushes, which can contain 3,000 times the microorganisms of solid-head designs.

The most disturbing issue is that electric toothbrush manufacturers don’t indicate which brush heads have a solid or hollow head design. Instead, you can look when you attach the head. In any case, brushing twice daily still beats the bacterial composition of not brushing. If you’re ready for a cleaning or would like to discuss toothbrush options, contact us today!