ACA and Dental Care

While questions related to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act remain, we’ve been receiving questions on the impact of health care reform and dental care. At Artistic Touch Dentistry, we want to keep you informed.

Under the Affordable Care Act, all Americans must purchase individual health insurance with coverage beginning in 2014 or face a fine. There is no similar requirement, however, to purchase dental insurance. Tooth decay and gum disease are key factors contributing to major medical problems like diabetes, heart disease, and even miscarriage. The overall increase in poor oral care contributes to poor overall health and a skyrocketing increase in medical costs for all Americans.

While dental insurance coverage is not providing through or required by the Affordable Care Act, we recognize dental health as a part of total body health and disease prevention. It is suggested that Americans look towards purchasing discount dental plans to help fill in the gaps of health care reform legislation. If you have questions about dental care and the types of insurance we accept, please call us today. We’re your resource for total body health!