Aging and Oral Health: The Function of Taste

At Artistic Touch Dentistry, we’re committed to oral care at every age. Earlier this week, we discussed oral health and nutrition for older adults and we continue that discussion today. Aside from dental pain, other oral health factors can cause limited nutritional intake.

Good oral hygiene for older adults includes brushing, flossing, and/or cleaning dentures. If any aspect of dental care is ignored, it can cause diminished sense of taste. The consequences of diminished taste aren’t simply lost pleasure in eating tasteful foods, but can also include loss of interest in food altogether.

Loss of taste may also reflect issues in the digestive tract, beginning with the mechanical process of breaking down food.  Chewing food thoroughly is essential to the absorption of vitamins and nutrients.  And especially when some medications dull the taste of food, fully-functional taste buds and a healthy mouth are essential to keeping older adults interested in a varied, nutritious, health-sustaining diet.

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