Back to School Oral Health

As kids and teachers prep for heading back to school, it’s important to keep in mind the ways you can support oral health throughout the school day. It’s as important as biannual cleaning appointments!

A nutritious lunch low in sugar, water or tea for the beverage, and plenty of opportunity to drink water throughout the day can support better oral health. If you’re child has a predisposition to cavities due to deep tooth grooves or if they won’t have an opportunity to brush during the school day, dental sealants are another option. The Center for Disease Control recommends applying sealants on the back molars. Sealants reduce decay by 81% during their first two years and can be effective for up to four years! Just long enough for your child’s oral care habits and food preferences to mature along with their adult teeth.

With a nutritious lunch, low-sugar beverages, and sealants, you’re child will prepared for another year of academics and oral health!