The benefits of a straighter, more beautiful smile

If you’ve been considering braces, now’s the time to act! With more options for teeth-straightening appliances than ever, you’ll be glad to know that Dr. Maryam Brazdo offers Invisalign right here in her office. And even better? Nobody will know you’re pursuing a straighter smile!

So why invest in straightening your teeth? Because your smile is the number one way you can communicate! Strangers notice your smile before they hear your voice, know your personality, or know anything about who you are. With straight, beautiful teeth, your smile can communicate confidence, friendliness, warmth, and competence.

If you’re looking for a professional edge in the workplace or if you’re looking for a breakthrough on the social scene, addressing your dental needs may be the right first step. If you’ve been considering Invisalign, contact us today for details on how this virtually in detectible treatment can change your smile permanently!