Choose The Right Pediatric Dentist In Melbourne, Florida For Your Child’s 1st Visit

When the tooth fairy stops coming and those adult teeth start to come in, choosing the right pediatric dentist for your kids is important. We have all been there as children when we lose the last of our baby teeth. It’s a sad moment knowing that you won’t go to bed with a tooth under your pillow and wake up to a dollar bill ever again. It can also be worry some that now your adult teeth will begin to come in and you will have to start going to the dentist every six months like your older siblings.

Our staff at Artistic Touch Dentistry helps make the transition to taking care of your permanent teeth easy for your kids. By scheduling regular appointments once your children’s teeth come in, we can show them the importance of brushing, flossing, and all around good oral hygiene. It might be intimidating at first for your children, but we’ll take such great care of them they’ll never be hesitant to visit us again.

The magic of the tooth fairy may be gone, but we will help your kids learn to take care of their teeth so they will never have to worry about losing them again. Call our office at 321.724.1400 so your kids can visit Dr. Maryam Brazdo an pediatric dentist and practice good dental hygiene from the day they lose their last baby tooth.