Cleanings every 6 months… or not?

Artistic Touch Dentistry is your resource for regular tooth cleaning and oral care. But how regular should your cleanings really be? The American Dental Association is exploring how genetic testing may be useful in the process of preventive care by exploring the optimal cleaning interval based on genetic evidence. Read More

While experts disagree on the necessity of genetic testing for preventive care, the fact is that the ADA’s recommendation of prophylaxis every 6 months is based on population data that shows this schedule will prevent decay in the majority of patients. However, dentition varies from one person to the next and some people may require cleanings more often while others require cleanings only at 12 or 24 month intervals.

At Artistic Touch Dentistry, we’re your dental¬†resource for cleanings every 6 months. And who knows… within your next few visits, we may be able to schedule a visit based on your own genetic dentition!