Dental implants and quality of life

Dental implants and quality of life

Researchers at Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine asked which measures might help women with osteoporosis best preserve their quality of life. Their findings? Dental implants made the most significant difference.

The researchers surveyed 237 women suffering from osteoporosis about their satisfaction with replacement teeth and how it improved their lives at work and in social situations. The 23-question survey rated satisfaction with their work, health, emotional, and sexual aspects of their lives.

Osteoporotic women with one or more adjacent teeth missing (excluding wisdom teeth or third molars) were chosen for the study. The women had restoration work done that included implants (64 women), fixed partial denture, which is a false tooth cemented to crowns of two teeth (60), a removal denture, better known as false teeth (47), or had no restoration work done (66).

Women with dental implants reported a higher overall satisfaction with their lives. Fixed dentures scored next highest in satisfaction, followed by false teeth and, finally, women with no restoration work. Women with dental implants also reported the highest satisfaction in emotional and sexual areas, while those without restorations scored the lowest in those two areas.

These outcomes help medical professionals recommend the best course of action in outcomes-based treatment for missing teeth.


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