Dental pain doesn’t have to be the norm

Your Melbourne dentist Dr. Brazdo offers comfort during episodes of dental pain. If you’re experiencing dental pain, our team will make every effort to see you in the office the day you call.

While regular cleanings, daily flossing, and twice-daily brushing will likely prevent episodes of dental pain, we want you to know that we’re here for you during urgent dental matters. We do our best to ensure that you’re relieved of dental pain swiftly and that the problem is resolved with your long-term oral health in mind.

Whether your pain is acute and piercing or ongoing, dull, and throbbing, we want you to know that dental pain does not have to be your new normal.

If you’re experiencing dental pain, contact Dr. Brazdo for attentive care. As always, be sure to schedule biannual cleaning appointments and an annual dental exam in order to prevent future episodes of dental pain.