What does dentistry have to do with a healthy pregnancy?

While you may be familiar with the need for a healthy diet and exercise during pregnancy, we want to share a few surprising tips to help make your pregnancy more healthful. Some of these tips may be familiar, but not for the reason you’d expect. Read up!

  • Have regular dental checkups: they’re safe and effective during pregnancy
  • Schedule a dental cleaning in your second trimester: it’s the most comfortable for you!
  • Treatment for gum disease is most effective between 22 & 26 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Morning sickness can lead to cavities.
  • Don’t brush right after vomiting, but brush within an hour
  • If nauseated by brushing, switch to a smaller child-sized brush
  • Baby’s first teeth begin development at 3 months into pregnancy, so be sure to store up on vitamins!
  • Chew sugarless gum after meals to avoid bacteria that cause gum disease and tooth decay

And most of all, enjoy your pregnancy! With proper dental care, you’ll reduce the risk of gum disease and premature birth and increase your probability of a healthy birth and recovery. If you have questions about dental care during pregnancy, contact Dr. Maryam Brazdo today!