Floss for total body health

At Artistic Touch Dentistry, our commitment is to your overall health and well-being through proper dental care. And flossing is part of your dental plan for a healthy smile! Oftentimes, you’ll think of flossing only when something is stuck between your teeth. But the purpose of floss extends beyond comfort and is designed to physically remove the plaque biofilm that has colonized between your teeth since the last floss. Toothbrushes alone can’t reach the spaces between teeth like flossing can. And preventing plaque buildup protects your heart and overall wellness.

So while flossing may offer a soothing relief from that lodged piece of food from your last meal, don’t let that lodged piece of food be your only motivation or reason to floss. Proper oral health can only be achieved by thoroughly removing the bacteria between teeth daily. Aside from biannual dental wellness exams and prophylaxis, daily flossing is one of the best ways to ensure your brightest, most beautiful smile!

If you have concerns about health of your mouth, contact Artistic Touch Dentistry today for your Dental Wellness Exam.