Make Sure Your Dental Products Don’t Contain Food Allergens

Food allergies are a growing concern in the United States, and we know you can never be too careful when it comes to you or your child’s health. The Food Allergy Facts and Statistics for the U.S., reported that over 15 million people have food allergies. According to a study released in 2008 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about an 18% increase in food allergy was seen between 1997 and 2007.

My sister recently found out, after months of feeling terrible, that she was gluten intolerant. While her allergy isn’t as severe as others, it has turned her whole life (and sometimes mine) upside down. There are so many foods and products that contain gluten in them, that if you aren’t constantly paying attention she could get sick. The reason I am bringing this up is because I stumbled upon some information about dental hygiene products that contain possible food allergens. Our staff at Artistic Touch Dentistry wants to be extra careful when it comes to your health: oral and otherwise. Please let us know if you or your child has any allergy that we don’t know about. Here is a list of dental products from Registered Dental Hygienist that may contain allergens:

  • Recaldent is a milk derivative (may be listed as casein), which may be found in GC America’s MI paste, toothpastes, and some forms of Trident gum
  • Polishing paste contains gluten, which causes a gastrointestinal disorder
  • Fluorides can contain gluten or nut oils
  • Topical anesthesia contains fruit flavorings
  • Propofol, which is a general anesthesia that contains egg protein
  • Cements, which has eugenol and is derived from oil of cloves
  • Nitrous oxide does not specifically contain egg, but it has a substance that is molecularly structured like eggs and reactions have been reported

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