Foods for Dental Health: Vegetables

Today we continue our Artistic Touch Dentistry series on foods that boost dental health. In addition to the acid-neutralizing benefits of cheese and the bacteria-depriving effects of Xylitol, today we touch on a more familiar source for improved dental health: vegetables! A part of any healthy eating regimen, vegetables are a great way to boost your dental care routine.

Most raw, fresh veggies are good for teeth because their fibrous nature requires lots of chewing, which causes an abundance of saliva. Any saliva is good for teeth because it naturally neutralizes acid and contains calcium and phosphate to remineralize teeth. Celery is a particularly beneficial vegetable for dental health because it breaks down into fibrous strands that naturally clean the teeth.

While celery-fiber removal doesn’t quite count as your flossing for the day, vegetables are one way you can help us to protect your teeth and improve your dental health!