Gum health is measured in millimeters!

Gum health is measured in millimeters!

The team at Artistic Touch Dentistry always works to ensure our patients understand the process of a dental checkup and cleaning. But what are those numbers your hygienist calls out during an exam? They’re a way of measuring your oral health.

Gum health is measured by millimeters on a scale of 1 to about 9 with a calibrated dental instrument. The exposed space between the gum and the tooth or root is measured. The more space between the tooth and gum, the higher the number and the greater the likelihood of gum disease.

Typically, 1-3 mm is healthy, 4 is a warning ,and anything over 5 is a call to action to prevent disease. When a 5 or 6 mm pocket is recorded, a deep cleaning may be recommended. The pockets develop as a result of bacteria buildup, so the presence of pockets indicates an abundance of the organisms that can lead to periodontal disease.

If you have questions about your gums and your oral health, contact us today for an exam and a thorough analysis of your mouth’s condition. At Artistic Touch Dentistry, we work to keep you on track for positive oral health that lasts a lifetime!


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