If You Won’t Floss, Waterpik!

Dr. Maryam Brazdo is your dentist dedicated to keeping your smile healthy and bright. Dr. Bazdo recommends dental flossing at least once per day in order to remove plaque biofilm. Because she believes in evidenced-based care you can really keep  up with at home, however, Dr. Brazdo also supports the use of a Waterpik when flossing is not an option.

We all know that a good oral hygiene routine involves daily flossing. But a vast majority of patients either don’t have the time or simply forget to keep up with a daily flossing regimen. Because it is so essential to the regulation of plaque and cavity prevention, a device like a Waterpik provides a suitable if not equivalent substitution. A Waterpik is not any faster or easier than traditional flossing, but studies indicate that some patients are able to develop a Waterpik routine even when they have not been committed flossers.

The most important part of dental care is developing a routine that is both effective and consistent. With regular 6-month cleanings, the use of a Waterpik device is better than no flossing altogether. No matter how you prefer to remove plaque buildup, be sure you’re preventing build up with an effective daily routine. Take care of your beautiful smile and contact Dr. Brazdo in between visits if problems arise!