Keep Up Your Good Oral Hygiene During Those Important Nine Months

Pregnancy is an entirely new realm for many first mothers and Artistic Touch Dentist wants to help inform you on how to keep up your great oral hygiene during pregnancy and some problems that might occur. We have all heard about those cravings women get a hankering for during pregnancy and often women are likely to eat and drink more frequently throughout the day. With this increased intake of food and drink, your sugar intake is also increasing; therefore, leaving you at risk for developing cavities. By keeping your twice-annual check-ups as well as a sound tooth brushing and flossing routine, you will be able to avoid that problem.

Oral-B explains that, “during pregnancy, some women may be more likely to develop red, puffy gums because the additional amount of the hormone, progesterone, causes a strong reaction to normal amount of plaque. If you have especially sensitive gums, try a soft floss that slides easily and comfortable between teeth.”

Proper nutrition is part of good dental hygiene recommended by Oral-B, and “pregnant women should be sure to eat a variety of healthy foods in order to get plenty of calcium, phosphorous, protein, vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin C. There is a common believed myth that if you aren’t getting enough calcium from your diet during pregnancy, then you will lose calcium from your teeth. However, this isn’t true, a growing baby will take calcium from the mother’s bones, not her teeth.” So make sure you’re eating healthy foods to get all your vitamins! Dr. Maryam Brazdo and Dr. Janice Wahl are here to help you during your pregnancy, so call us today to schedule an appointment at Artistic Touch Dentistry!