Why Replace Toothbrush Every 3 Months?

Why Replace Toothbrush Every 3 Months?

We recommend you change your toothbrush every 2 to 3 months in order to keep your mouth healthy and your teeth sparkling white. Your toothbrush is loaded with germs so you should change your toothbrush as often as you feel appropriate, especially after you have been sick.

It’s important to remember that plaque, the stuff you’re removing from your teeth, is bacteria. So you’re putting bacteria on your toothbrush every time you brush your teeth. WebMD explains that “regardless of how many bacteria live in your mouth, or have gotten in there via your toothbrush, your body’s natural defenses make it highly unlikely that you’re going to catch an infection simply from brushing your teeth.” Although if you brush your teeth while you have a virus, it’s important to change your toothbrush so you don’t keep infecting yourself with the virus.

WebMD offers some toothbrush storage tips to keep your toothbrush as clean as possible:

  • Keep it rinsed. Wash off your toothbrush thoroughly with tap water every time you use it.
  • Keep it dry.  Make sure your brush has a chance to dry thoroughly between brushings. Avoid using toothbrush covers, which can create a moist enclosed breeding ground for bacteria.
  • Keep it upright. Store your toothbrush upright in a holder, rather than lying it down.
  • Keep it to yourself. No matter how close you are to your sister, brother, spouse, or roommate, don’t ever use their toothbrush. Don’t even store your toothbrush side-by-side in the same cup with other people’s brushes. Whenever toothbrushes touch, they can swap germs.

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