Managing dental care at school

Parents, teachers, and students alike are asking how to best manage dental care during school hours as we head back for another academic year. And your we know that dental care is a part of education your child on proper self-care for a healthy, successful future. Here are three tips to maximize dental care during the school year:

  1. Go ahead and schedule appointments: the school year gets busy with sports, homework, holidays, and the hustle of the daily grind. Go ahead and get your next 6-month cleanings on the calendar now. You’ll thank yourself that it’s marked off the to-do list later!
  2. Pack healthy lunches: whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and dairy are good for the mouth and gums. Keep sugars, sodas, and candies out of the lunchbox for maximum dental health.
  3. Brush after lunch: if at all possible, ask to brush in the bathroom after lunch. Minty fresh breath, reduced plaque, and cleaner teeth will surely mean fewer cavities and healthier habits for life.

If you have questions about dental health in schools, contact Dr. Maryam Brazdo today!