How Often Does ADA Seal Renewal Last?

As we’ve outlined in previous posts, the American Dental Association’s Seal of Approval was historically designed to reign in outrageous health claims made by toothpaste and oral care product manufacturers by implementing a standard of testing, reliability, consistency, and quality control. A product bearing the ADA Seal of Approval therefore represents the highest quality of dental care available to consumers. But how long does ADA Seal Approval last?

As the ADA explains, “The ADA Seal is awarded for a five-year period. Companies must reapply to continue using the Seal. Whenever the composition of an Accepted product changes, the company must resubmit the product for review and approval before it is marketed with the Seal. As long as a product bears the ADA Seal, it must continue to meet these requirements.”

This means that you can rest assured that a product recommended by dentist and bearing the ADA Seal of Approval will be certified for a finite period of time and that changes to products have been reviewed by the ADA.