Preventing gingivitis

What is gingivitis? Gingivitis is inflammation of the gums caused by food or plaque getting trapped under the gumline. Symptoms include swollen tender gums, sensitive teeth, bloody gums after brushing your teeth, and pain when chewing foods.

While the symptoms are unpleasant enough, the real reason to fear gingivitis is the havoc it can wreak on your teeth. Gingivitis causes major tooth loss in many adults and has been associated with risk factors including: smoking or chewing tobacco, pregnancy, broken fillings, crooked teeth, and genetic factors.

Even if you’re already suffering from gingivitis, it’s important to remember that gingivitis can be treated several ways. With proper oral hygiene, a deep cleaning treatment, surgery, or antibiotic medications, the signs of gingivitis can be slowed and even reversed.

The best treatment, however, is prevention! Continue brushing twice daily and flossing and visiting Artistic Touch Dentistry every 6 months for your biannual cleaning. Let’s work together to keep gingivitis at bay!