Prevention and Expectations for Intervention

At Artistic Touch Dentistry, we are focused on working with you to prevent tooth decay and to set reasonable expectations for treatment when further intervention is required. In a recent article in the Pakistan Oral and Dental Journalresearchers have assessed the expectations held by patients receiving removable partial dentures based on age and gender. The research highlights the importance of setting reasonable expectations before treatment and for choosing the right treatment based on your condition and long-term goals.

Particularly for women and patients nearing middle-age, research participants receiving removable partial dentures reported too-high expectations that could not be met by the characteristics of the devices selected. 51% of patients expected better results than possible, and may have been more satisfied with a different treatment option that could have delivered the desired results. The research highlights the importance of working with your dentist to determine the appropriate treatment based on desired outcomes.

At Artistic Touch Dentistry, our team works with you to prevent tooth decay and minimize the need for dental intervention. In the case of tooth loss or damage, however, we will work with you to establish the best treatment plan for your expectations so you can have a beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime!