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Resolve to stop these bad dental habits in 2016!

At Artistic Touch Dentistry, we encourage healthy oral care habits including twice-daily brushing, daily flossing, and biannual prophylaxis. The link between healthy teeth and gums and your overall wellness is well-documented in medical literature. While positive habits can support dental health, the following negative habits can cause long-term damage in some cases. If you do any of the following, resolve to stop in 2016!
  • Chewing objects: Chewing pens, pencils, candy, fingernails, and even ice can wear down and erode your teeth over time. Try to stop these habits altogether, or opt for softer things to chew on if unsuccessful.
  • Drinking sugary beverages: Drinks such as soda, sports drinks, and some juices contain high amounts of sugar that can erode your enamel. Try sticking with water, or wash your mouth out with water after you drink these drinks.
  • Smoking: In addition to smoking being a high risk factor for oral cancer, it can also stain your teeth and can lead to a buildup of plaque in the teeth. This plaque can lead to infection and if untreated, to tooth decay and loss.
  • Grinding teeth: Grinding the surfaces of your teeth together can lead to wearing down, and ultimately chips, in the enamel.
  • Opening things with your teeth: Too much force on the teeth can leading to wear and tear, and possibly breaking off of a tooth.

If you’ve suffered from these bad oral habits and your teeth have the damage to prove it, contact our team at Artistic Touch Dentistry today. We’ll help you restore your smile and get into good oral care habits for 2016!