Risk Factors for Gum Disease: Stress

Dr. Maryam Brazdo and the team at Artistic Touch Dentistry love to partner with patients in preventing gum disease and tooth decay. Regular cleanings, daily flossing, and careful toothbrushing all contribute to a healthy mouth and healthy gums. In addition to age, tobacco use, and genetics, another risk factor associated with the development of periodontal disease is stress.

Stress is linked to serious conditions like hypertension, cancer, and depression. Stress also is a risk factor for periodontal disease. Research demonstrates that stress can make it more difficult for the body to fight off infection, including infections rooted in the mouth and gums.

Stress can come from a variety of life situations, from marital trouble to worrying about your children, from financial upset due to job loss or work-related pressure, from personal health concerns or worry over a loved one’s well-being. If you’re facing acute or chronic stress, you may notice a difference in your oral health. If stress has you worried about your risk of developing periodontal disease, contact us today!