Safe Dental Procedures During Pregnancy

Dr. Maryam Brazdo is putting your pregnancy first. If at all possible, we delay dental procedures until after the first trimester of pregnancy to put the health of your baby first. We do our best to schedule procedures during the fourth through sixth month of pregnancy when your baby has finished his or her major developments and before you get too uncomfortable sitting.

During dental procedures, we use local anesthetics that do not cross the placenta to affect the baby. Novocain and Lidocaine are two local anesthetics considered safe during pregnancy. Intravenous and inhaled versions of anesthetics are considered unsafe and linked to miscarriages.

Dental cleanings are safe and can be performed at any time during pregnancy. X-rays may be done if necessary and with all precautions taken to ensure the baby’s safety. Cavity fillings and crowns are safe procedures according to the American Pregnancy Association. If dental work is required, we will follow up with pregnancy-safe antibiotics if necessary to prevent infection.

If you’re pregnant and concerned about which procedures may be deemed safe, call us  today and we’ll get you started on a safe, effective regimen for dental care during your pregnancy.