Kid with permanent tooth, bottom incisor, growing and pushing baby tooth out

Shark Teeth Kids: Do Your Kids Have Shark Teeth?

Most parents imagine their child’s first adult teeth following the typical narrative arc: the child has a loose tooth, the tooth falls out, you snap a picture of their sweet toothless gap, the tooth fairy visits, and the adult tooth will soon emerge.

Parents who haven’t seen it before may be in for a surprise, however, if their child develops “shark teeth” instead. This is a common and natural occurrence where an emerging adult tooth takes the path of least resistance and instead of emerging directly underneath the baby tooth, grows in behind it.

In this case, a child may notice the new tooth emerging before the baby tooth is ever loose! But parents, take heart: most cases of shark teeth resolve on their own as the adult teeth eventually push the baby teeth out of the way, making them loose enough to pull. We’ll follow up later this week with steps to take if you notice shark teeth in your child’s smile!

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