Small white spots on your teeth?

Have you noticed small white spots on your teeth? The discoloration could be an indicator of a bigger problem!

While these small white spots typically aren’t accompanied by pain, they may become more noticeable as we age. Spots may be caused by several things like the beginning stages of tooth decay. The white spot is an area where some of the enamel (the hard, outer coating of the tooth) has been dissolved. If left untreated, these white spots could decay into cavities.

Sometimes a small white spot is the result of trauma while the tooth was forming under the gum. If a baby tooth has a severe blow and is pushed into the gum, it might touch the adult tooth forming below. That contact can disturb the normal formation of the enamel and cause a white spot to form at that point on the adult tooth.

After Dr. Brazdo examines the white spots on your teeth, she may recommend trying to remineralize the enamel. If it is due to trauma while the tooth was forming, options for improving the appearance of the tooth with veneers at Artistic Touch Dentistry can be considered. If you have white spots on your teeth, contact us today!