Stay Up-to-Date on Your Denture Needs

It is relatively easy to know when you need dentures, but did you know that your denture needs can actually change over time? Artistic Touch Dentistry in Melbourne will help you monitor the performance and fit of your dentures and dental appliances.

Many people who are missing teeth experience bone loss, even after they have already been fitted for dentures. This could mean that your dentures could begin to shift or not fit like they did when you got them. Denture fit is also dependent on the level of moisture that is naturally in your mouth. There are enumerable medications and conditions that can cause dry mouth, which can affect the way your dentures fit. Dentures that do not fit correctly can be painful and can cause problems while eating. We want your dentures to fit perfectly!

If you think you may need to have your current dentures adjusted or need new dentures all together, contact Artistic Touch Dentistry and we would be happy to help.