The Effects of Poor Dental Hygiene on Your Body: Halitosis

Today we move to part two in our series on how dental hygiene affects your overall health. Today’s topic is halitosis, and we KNOW you want to avoid bad breath! Dr. Maryam Brazdo can show you how to avoid the problems that cause halitosis with regular dental care.

Bad breath isn’t just an inconvenience. It can be a hindrance to building friendships and business connections as you go about your daily routine. Halitosis results when small food particles are left wedged between teeth, collect bacteria, and begin to emit chemicals like hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide is the same compound that gives rotten eggs their recognizable smell. It doesn’t belong in your mouth!

Halitosis or chronic bad breath can be remedied with proper oral care. At Artistic Touch Dentistry, we recommend brushing twice a day, a regular flossing routine, and using a mouth rinse if you have difficulty keeping halitosis at bay. Stay tuned for additional ways dental hygiene affects health as we continue the series.