The Effects of Poor Dental Hygiene on Your Body: Sexual Health

Today we complete our 7-part series on the effects of poor dental hygiene on total body health. Poor dental health is reflected within and throughout all systems of the body from heart health to regulation of insulin in diabetes, but did you know that dental health can even affect sexual health? Artistic Touch Dentistry is your dentist for total body care and optimal health.

When periodontal bacteria travels throughout the body, the bacteria cause inflammation in the blood vessels and can restrict blood flow, including to reproductive organs. Men with periodontal disease, for example, are seven times more likely to experience sexual dysfunction than men with good dental hygiene.

Tooth care and oral hygiene make up just one part of a well-rounded self care regimen. With proper dental care, eating habits, and regular exercise, it is possible to preserve health. Call us today for an appointment at Artistic Touch Dentistry, where we will help you develop a self care routine that prevents long-term illness and preserves your sexual health.