The Future of Cavity Prevention

Dr. Maryam Brazdo is monitoring advancements in dental research, and the future looks promising! Tooth decay is a large problem in the United States, and poor dental health can be an indicator of poor overall health. Thankfully, advances in science are helping us understand how to prevent tooth decay.

Recent studies have been conducted to prevent cavities by anticipating cavities before they begin. Individualized treatment assessments for each patient based on their risk of getting cavities give insight dentists haven’t been able to utilize before. This is done using biofilm testing that tells the dentist what type and levels of bacteria are in the mouth, (don’t worry – this bacteria occurs naturally!) and using a questionnaire that the patient completes. Your dentist will then come up with a treatment plan and discuss behavioral modification specifically designed for your needs. People who have been a part of this program have seen a 74% overall decrease in tooth decay! While the process is still under development, we’ll be watching to see how we can make advancements at our practice to bring you more advanced dental care.

At Artistic Touch Dentistry, we’re are excited to see where science takes us next! Our goal is to always stay up-to-date so our patients get the care they deserve.