The link between mental health and dental care: part 3

As we continue our series on the link between depression and oral health, the staff at Artistic Touch Dentistry reminds you to always discuss concerns about depression with your doctor. We’ve considered the link between depression and a lack of motivation to care for the teeth and gums as well as decreased salivary flow and increased carbohydrate consumption. But the link doesn’t end there.

Depression is regularly treated with antidepressant medication, which has been shown to have numerous side effects, some of which affect dental health. One side effect is xerostomia (dry mouth syndrome). Secretion by the salivary glands is decided by neurotransmitters, so these medications frequently have the side effect of reducing salivary production. Patients may experience a burning sensation in the mouth caused by oral infections.

If you’re suffering with an episode of depression, consider the many ways this mental health condition can impact your total body health. We encourage you to seek care and come visit us at Artistic Touch Dentistry to reclaim your healthy smile!