Today is World Oral Health Day!

At Artistic Touch Dentistry, we’re excited to participate in World Oral Health Day. There’s a global movement toward healthy smiles and providing access to oral care for all of the world’s citizens, particularly the very young and the elderly. And while each World Oral Health Day has its own goals, today holds some pretty lofty ones! Here are some of the activities planned across the globe for today:

  • in Asia, a new World Record attempt for the number of people brushing their teeth at the same time
  • in the Baltic region, a competition for children to interpret the campaign slogan ‘celebrating healthy smiles’ in an art competition and have their work displayed in galleries across the region
  • in India, a planned national educational tour visiting schools across the country
  • in Ukraine, the building of a giant photo montage of healthy smiles

We’re sure new ideas will pour in as countries celebrate the impact of oral health on a healthy population. What do YOU plan to do to celebrate World Oral Health Day today? Check for more ideas online at! And don’t forget to take some local action and visit us for a checkup!