Tooth Colored Restorations Can Replace Silver Fillings

If you have ever seen the inside of someone else’s mouth, or even your own, those silver fillings are a real eye sore, and Artistic Touch Dentistry’s Tooth Colored Restorations can fix that problem.

Tooth Colored Restorations create fillings that are unnoticeable and they will strengthen the teeth you are having problems with. Not only will these new restorations look better than the silver fillings, they may eliminate problems you could face down the road. While the FDA and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control have not found evidence that silver fillings are harmful, there are some people who have voiced their concerns about very low levels of mercury vapor being released by these fillings.

These Tooth Colored Restorations have so many other benefits besides not possibly containing harmful chemicals:

  • The color and shading can be matched to the existing tooth
  • They are made of strong material, providing good durability
  • They may be used on either front or back teeth
  • There is a low risk of leakage if bonded only to enamel
  • They do not corrode
  • They are moderately resistant to breakage
  • Generally holds up well to biting force
  • Moderately resistant to further decay, new decay is easy to find

If you are considering replacing your Silver Fillings with Tooth Colored Restoration, then call our office to schedule an appointment with  Dr. Maryam Brazdo.