Brushing brusquely causes tooth sensitivity

As your dentist our primary concern at Artistic Touch Dentistry is that your oral health care regimen is sustainable and that it supports your overall wellness. One of the risks to your dental wellness is oversensitivity. When patients suffer from tooth sensitivity, it can become difficult to properly maintain the teeth at home.

One of the causes of sensitive teeth is wear and tear through brushing too hard using a rough-bristled brush. This can wear down the enamel and expose the tooth’s underlying dentine. To reduce tooth sensitivity, brush with a soft-bristled brush and brush gently at the gum line. A toothpaste like Sensodyne for sensitive teeth can help. Flossing also helps alleviate tooth sensitivity.

If your teeth are feeling extra sensitive, express your concerns to Dr. Maryam Brazdo at your next appointment and we’ll show you the ropes of brushing gently yet effectively. Call today for your next cleaning!