Toothbrush timers

At Artistic Touch Dentistry, we believe in the basics of good oral hygiene and dental care. Daily brushing and flossing coupled with biannual prophylaxis and an exam with us is the recipe for a clean and healthy mouth. But new technical tools are developed to make that mouth-maintenance easier.

The electric toothbrush is one such tool. Most have built-in timers to ensure that users are brushing long enough. Many charge upright as recommended by the ADA for all toothbrushes to ensure effective and adequate drying. Some will automatically disable certain features if they sense the user brushing too hard. Also, many dental professionals believe that they can be an effective tool to aid patients with limited dexterity in effectively cleaning their teeth.

In addition, some electric brushes have compatible apps that share information with your dentist about your brushing techniques. That extra measure of accountability is all some people may need to brush better. If you have concerns about health of your mouth or questions about how you should be brushing, contact Artistic Touch Dentistry today!