Trust Our Melbourne, Florida Dentist With Tooth Extractions

If you need a dentist then Artistic Touch Dentistry is here to help solve all of your oral health problems, including tooth extractions. Teeth may need to be extracted for several reasons such as decay, advanced periodontal disease, or because they have broken in a way that cannot repaired.  If you have had any of these problems then you may need the tooth extracted. Other teeth may need to be removed if they are poorly positioned in the mouth, or in other to prepare for orthodontic treatment.

At the time of extraction the doctor will need to numb your tooth, jawbone and gums that surround the area with a local anesthetic. During the extraction process you will feel a lot of pressure. This is from the process of firmly rocking the tooth in order to widen the socket for removal. You feel the pressure without pain as the anesthetic has numbed the nerves stopping the transference of pain, yet the nerves that transmit pressure are not profoundly affected.

While tooth extraction might not sound like the most pleasant procedure, our gentle team of professionals ensures you won’t feel any pain during this process.