What Causes Damage To Your Teeth?

Artistic Touch Dentistry wants you to know what everyday foods and beverages can cause damage to your teeth so you can consume them in moderation. WebMD explains that, “sugar is the number one enemy of your teeth, and the longer it stays in your mouth, the worse it is. Sugar is consumed by acid-producing bacteria in your mouth and the acids eat away at tooth enamel. You should avoid foods like jelly candies, dried fruits, and raisins because they stick to your teeth longer than other foods.”

Soda is also bad for you teeth, whether or not it’s sugar-free or not. Alcohol, even just a glass of wine, is also acidic and can erode the teeth. In addition, alcohol dries out your mouth, reducing saliva production. Saliva bathes the teeth and helps remove plaque and bacterial accumulations from the teeth’s surface. “Less plaque equals less risk for bacterial acids to cause decay. So you should rinse your mouth with water between drinks in order to reduce damage being done to your teeth,” WebMD says.

Do not use your teeth to snap off bottle caps, remove clothing tags, or open plastic bags because this causes damage to your teeth and it sounds painful if you ask me. Also smoking affects your oral teeth, nicotine yellows teeth and can also cause oral cancer. Chewing tobacco is even worse because the tobacco and associated carcinogens come into direct contact with the gums and soft tissues and stay there for a long time.

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