What’s the link between bone loss and gum disease?

What’s the link between bone loss and gum disease?

We’ve long known that oral health is closely linked to other systems in the body, and now a link between postmenopausal women with high scores on a Fracture Assessment Risk Tool (FRAX) and symptoms of severe gum disease has been found by researchers. Dr. Maryam Brazdo reminds you to take care of your oral health to support your total body wellness!

Fracture Assessment Risk Tool (FRAX) scores take into account weight, height, previous fractures, rheumatoid arthritis, smoking habits, diabetes and other factors. Researchers found a sample of 191 women between ages 51 and 80 who met certain study criteria and divided them into high- and low- FRAX score groups. All women had FRAX scores and a periodontal check-up that measured probing depth for the gums, tooth loss and attachment loss from ligaments holding teeth to bone. Researchers found that women with high FRAX scores also showed the strongest signs of gum disease, a result that suggests bone-loss scores could provide a reliable indicator of gum disease.

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