Which Electric Toothbrush Should You Choose?

Which Electric Toothbrush Should You Choose?

Artistic Touch Dentistry wants you to have the best toothbrush possible to keep your pearly whites in perfect condition and electric toothbrushes can do just that, but how do you know which one to choose? There are so many options when you turn down the oral hygiene aisle at Wal-Mart and you definitely don’t want to pick the wrong one. Oral-B has provided a complete explanation of the differences between each toothbrush:

“A rechargeable electric toothbrush, also known as a “power toothbrush” is the kind you plug into the wall to recharge, keeping the handle and replacing the brush head every three months or so. Rechargeable electric toothbrushes differ among the kind of cleaning technology they use, such as oscillating-rotating (3D Cleaning Action) or sonic technology.

Those who want a dose of power but are weary of electric toothbrushes may like battery power toothbrushes. Like electric toothbrushes, battery power toothbrushes are sometimes simply called “power toothbrushes” due to their use of AA batteries. While similar in design to regular manual toothbrushes, battery power toothbrushes have just enough vibration to add some extra cleaning action.”

Now if a rechargeable electric toothbrush sounds like what you are looking for then we want you to know a little bit about their features. “They have numerous brushing modes that are specialized for sensitive teeth and whitening benefits. There are also pressure sensors to signal when you’re brush too hard, which would be helpful to me because this is something I struggle with. The rechargeable electric toothbrush also helps you keep track of how long you are brushing each quadrant of your mouth,” Oral-B explains.

The battery power toothbrush has features that are designed to help you brush better, such as bristles specially designed to pulsate along with the vibrations. However, the battery power toothbrush requires you to provide all or most of the brushing action, whereas the rechargeable electric toothbrush provides you with the cleaning action and you only need to guide it along all surfaces. The decision is completely up to you and what you are looking for in your toothbrush. Feel free to ask our Florida dentists at Artistic Touch Dentistry what they recommend you use.