Your kidneys, your heart, and your gums: the link is clear

Your kidneys, your heart, and your gums: the link is clear

For patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) can be susceptible to developing heart disease as well. But when CKD patients are also treated for periodontitis, their risk of heart disease decreases significantly. Proper oral health care is especially important for high-risk patients with compromised organ systems.

CKD is likely more common than you realize. Ten percent of the adult population suffers with this disease, which often also leads to heart disease. Research suggests that increased mortality in people with CKD may be linked with chronic inflammatory conditions such as periodontitis. Treating the gum disease prevents harmful bacteria from entering the bloodstream and causing further damage to the heart and other systems within the body.

For everyone–and particularly for those with chronic kidney disease–periodontal care is a must in preventing damage to the heart.


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