Your Mouth is Made Up of More than Just Your Teeth



Dr. Maryam Brazdo is always looking for ways to engage and educate her patients when it comes to oral health. Your mouth is made up of more than just your teeth and we’re happy to cover the rest of the mouth’s components here:


  • Oral mucosa: Protective lining on everything in your mouth except for your teeth. It defends from germs and irritants. It is also made up of keratin, which makes it resistant to injury.
  • Gums: Pink tissue that surrounds and supports your teeth and is covered by oral mucosa. Healthy gums are firm, cover the entire root of the tooth, and don’t bleed when brushed or poked.
  • Upper and lower jaw: Your jaws give your face and mouth the structure for chewing and speech. The upper jaw is made up two bones fused to each other as well as the rest of your skull. The lower jaw is separate from the rest of your skull, which enables it to move for speaking and chewing.
  • The tongue: The tongue is a strong muscle covered in specialized mucosal tissue that includes your taste buds. It is considered part of your digestive system and also plays a large role in speaking.
  • Salivary glands: You have three sets of salivary glands including the parotid, submandibular, and sublingual glands. Saliva contains enzymes that help break down food. It also protects teeth and gums from food particles and bacteria.
  • Uvula: This is the small flap of tissue that hangs at the back of your throat. Its functions are not fully understood, thought it is believed to play a role in speech and keeping your mouth moist.
  • Frenulum Lingual: This is a flap of oral mucosa that connects the bottom of your mouth to your tongue that allows it to move about.

We will be happy to share information with you concerning your oral health. Call for an appointment to improve your smile today!