Is Teeth Whitening Safe With Gum Disease?  

Professional teeth whitening can improve your smile in a few short weeks, but is teeth whitening safe to do with gum disease?  It’s important to keep in mind that gum disease can get severe if you leave it unattended. Not only is gum disease bad for your overall oral health, but it can prevent you from getting other dental procedures aside from teeth whitening.

Dentists Will Recommend Delaying Professional Teeth Whitening With Gum Disease

The bleaching agents used to get your teeth whiter and brighter can actually irritate the teeth and gums. If you are...
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Wine Good for Your Teeth: Fight Cavities and Gum Disease  

Is wine good for your teeth? When it comes to promoting health, you probably already know that red wine provides vital antioxidants that are good for your body. Did you also know that red wine may help fight gum disease and cavities? Our dentist in Melbourne, FL actually recommends drinking small quantities of red wine for its oral health benefits.

Oral Health Benefits of Red Wine

According to a report by Science Daily, drinking small amounts of red wine may actually improve your oral health. New research on the benefits of red wine states that...
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What Happens If I Skip the Dentist?  

Visiting the dentist every four to six months for a routine examination and cleaning might seem like a waste of time, but it isn’t. Discover what could happen if you skip out on your dentist visit.

Six Months: No Noticeable Problems

If there are no noticeable aches, pains, or problems, people often feel they can skip out on the six-month routine examination and cleaning. Unfortunately, dental problems that occur in the mouth aren’t always noticeable. Some of the problems that start to develop if you choose not to visit a dentist include:

Do Sealants Really Work to Prevent Cavities?

Dental sealants are often advertised as a quick, simple procedure that helps with the prevention of tooth decay and cavities; but do sealants really work? To discover if sealants really work to prevent cavities and tooth decay, you must learn more about them and how they work.

What are Dental Sealants and How do They Work?

Dental sealants are a very thin, fine layer of acrylic coating that is applied to the chewing surface of the teeth. This tooth-colored acrylic coating acts as an extra protective layer that protects the deep grooves and bumps of the tooth from the development of plaque and harmful acids. Dental...
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Is Dental Whitening Right for Me?

No matter how much brushing and flossing you do, or how good you are about visiting the dentist for regular professional cleanings, your teeth will still develop minor stains that dull your smile. When stains and discoloration start to dull your smile, it may be time to consider dental whitening.

What is Dental Whitening?

Dental whitening is a general term that is used to describe a number of different dental services and products that are designed to brighten and whiten your teeth. There are two options available for people who are considering dental whitening: over-the-counter teeth whitening products and professional teeth whitening products or services. Over-the-counter teeth whitening products...
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