Why Dental Associations Matter

As you peruse our website, or that of any other dentist, you will often see that most dentists are members of certain associations. We all know that dentists must graduate from an accredited program to achieve a doctoral degree and begin practicing dentistry, but what are all these associations for - and what do they mean for you, the patient?

What Are Associations?

Most professions have associations. These organizations aim to advocate, engage, and promote knowledge about a specific industry. For dentists, associations are very important because they provide an objective place where dentists can meet, learn, and provide valuable information to...
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An Education in Enamel

When you are asked what is the strongest tissue in the body, many people immediately think it’s the teeth. They are correct, but what makes the teeth the strongest substance in the body is the thin outer layer called enamel. This layer protects our teeth from breaking and from decaying, yet because it takes such abuse every day, it is not immune to damage. New research on enamel has provided us with the genetic origins of our enamel, and it is up to us to protect what we have.

What Is Enamel?

Simply put enamel is the outermost layer of the tooth....
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Focus on the Floss

The one daily oral habit that is just so important we dentists have to stress it all the time is flossing. If you’ve ever been to our Melbourne, Florida office we’re sure you’ve heard one of our hygienists and even Dr. Brazdo herself remind you how important flossing is to your oral health. However, even though this part of your routine is so important, many people skip the step all together. The most important part of cleaning your teeth is removing the food and plaque that enables bacteria to alter the pH of the mouth. Flossing is an effective way to do this and...
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Improving Oral Health Through Example

You’ve heard the expression, “Be someone’s reason to smile” but did you ever know that this colloquialism can be taken literally as well as metaphorically? Well, as it turns out you can help influence the oral health of the people around you by the way you act and encourage them. This news is particularly wonderful for the future of your oral health and that of your children and family members. New research out of Boston University's School of Dental Medicine found that you may have as much of an impact on your family’s oral health as your Melbourne, Florida dentist.

The Research

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Keeping Your Teeth Healthy During Flu Season

Every year around this time a nasty bug rolls through Melbourne, Florida. Many people make sure they do everything they can to keep themselves from contracting the flu, however many still fall prey to the common and, in some cases, dangerous virus. People understand that the flu is a serious illness, yet they may not realize that it can also cause severe damage to your teeth as well. While it’s important to focus on letting your body heal from the virus it’s also very important to pay attention to your oral health while you’re infirmed with the flu.

What is the...

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