Dealing With A Dental Emergency

A dental emergency can happen at any time. While eating innocent tortilla chips or watching your child’s soccer game on a beautiful Saturday morning - you just never know when you may crack, chip, or break a tooth. Dental emergencies can be scary, but it’s important to remain calm and contact your dentist as soon as possible to prevent any further damage from being done. If you ever experience a dental emergency, here are some key reminders that may help you save your teeth.

Anatomy of a Tooth

Our teeth are made of bone. They are very strong but extremely vulnerable at...
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Smoking and Your Mouth’s Microbiome

It’s no surprise that smoking is bad for you. People know that it’s the leading cause of preventable diseases in the US, and its link to many types of cancer is undeniable. In fact, 75% of oral cancers are are linked to cigarette smoking. As April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month, we’d like to shed some light on new revelations in the scientific community regarding the bacteria in your mouth, its relationship to smoking, and the affect they both may have on oral cancers.

The Research

There have been countless studies that focus on how an imbalanced gut microbiome can be linked to...
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Dealing with Dentophobia

Dentophobia is a fear that takes hold of many people in modern society. Yes, even with all the pain and anxiety-relieving techniques and friendly smiles there are in our office, some people are still afraid of the dentist. The worst part about this is, that people who are afraid of the dentist avoid us at all costs, which makes them more susceptible to dental diseases, such as cavities and periodontal disease. When they are forced to make their way to a dental office, because of advanced disease and severe pain, their treatments may not be gentle or pleasant to endure. This creates a traumatizing cycle...
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Here’s to Your Health, Another Reason to Smile!

Smiling is the most basic and universal muscle movement we make. It doesn’t matter where you live, what language you speak, how old you are, or who you hang out with, a smile means the same thing to everyone. Smiling not only makes you more photogenic, it also provides a host of other health benefits that you may not have realized. One thing that we at Artistic Touch Dentistry cannot stand is hearing that our patients don't have the confidence to smile because of their teeth. We want our patients to  feel comfortable in their smile because it's so important to your health. This...
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Preventing Oral Disease and Saving Your Smile

  The patients of Artistic Touch Dentistry in Melbourne, Florida all know how keeping  an oral health routine, that includes daily brushing, flossing, and twice yearly dental appointments, is the surest way to make sure the teeth you have today are the teeth you keep your entire life. However, what many people are only beginning to understand is that by keeping your mouth healthy with a daily routine is a simple, long-term way to prevent oral disease and chronic illnesses. Along with a bright, white smile, the most tangible and observable result of daily brushing is the prevention of mouth diseases and conditions like...
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