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Wooden Teeth and More: The History of Dentures

These days, it's fairly easy to get a replacement for a missing tooth. From dentures, partials to bridges and implants, you have plenty of options to fill the gaps in your smile. But that wasn't the case just a few years ago. In years past, people had to resort to extreme measures to replace teeth. Read on to learn the fascinating history of dentures and some of the unique materials people have used to replace teeth.

The First Dentures

The Ancient Egyptians were the first to use incorporate dentures into daily life in 1,500 B.C. These first dentures were made...
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Preventing Periodontal Disease: Five Things You Can Do

Periodontal disease, whether in its early stages or the more advanced type known as periodontitis, can cause some serious health problems. This type of disease can happen to anyone if the gums and teeth aren't taken care of in the right way. Knowing how to prevent periodontal disease starts by knowing why it happens, so read on to find out what you can do to prevent it from happening to you.

How Periodontal Disease Starts

Plaque begins to accumulate on the teeth after you eat or drink. It builds up quickly, but it's easy to remove with good brushing and flossing habits....
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Choosing Between Ceramic Composite Fillings and Amalgam Fillings

If you haven't needed a filling in a while, you may be surprised to discover that you now have options when it comes to the type of material that is used for your dental procedure. You will have the opportunity to choose between ceramic composite fillings and amalgam fillings. Before you make a decision regarding which type of filling you want, it is important to learn more about both amalgam and ceramic composite fillings.Taking a Closer Look at Ceramic Composite FillingsCeramic composite fillings, sometimes known as resin composite fillings, are made up of a combination of materials, usually plastic and ceramic, to...
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Why You Need 2 Dental Cleanings Per Year

Conventional wisdom states that you need to have your teeth cleaned once per year, but did you know that recommendation has been upgraded? Today, it is recommended that most people get two professional teeth cleanings per year, or one every six months, in order to maximize oral health and prevent gum disease and cavities.

Benefits of Two Dental Cleaning each Year

Due to the increase in at-home oral hygiene routines, adults are keeping their teeth longer, which is great news. To help you keep your teeth, dental professionals are now recommending that most adults should receive professional dental cleanings twice a year,...
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What Happens When You Get a Cavity

Both children and adults can get cavities, which are caused by erosion of the enamel and tooth decay. When the enamel thins, a hole forms that allows bacteria into the tooth. As the hole grows, it forms a cavity that must be cleaned and filled by a dentist before it results in tooth loss.

Your Tooth’s Enamel

The enamel on your teeth protects them against tooth decay and cavities, and it is widely believed to be the strongest part of the human body. This substance protects your teeth from damage while you are eating and chewing. Your enamel also protects the inside...
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