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2019: Dentures are Better Than Ever

Dentures, like almost all aspects of the dental industry, have improved over the years. If you get dentures now in 2019, you no longer are you stuck wearing uncomfortable, ill-fitting dental appliances that can slip and move around. The dentures are you get in 2019 are strong, sturdy, and look just like real teeth. Why People Didn’t Like “Older” Dentures “Older” dentures, which we consider to be dentures that were created 15 or 20 years ago, offered people the opportunity to replace missing teeth, but they were nothing like real teeth. Not only did they look...
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How to Tell if You Have a Cavity

Cavities are extremely easy, and fairly cost effective, to treat but only when they are caught early. Learn about the signs and symptoms you should watch out for that could indicate you have a cavity. Symptom #1 - Tooth Sensitivity Tooth sensitivity is often the very first symptom people experience when they get a cavity. Unfortunately, many people ignore tooth sensitivity because they don’t associate it with cavities. A cavity causes tooth sensitivity because the bacteria slowly erodes or destroys the enamel of the teeth. The enamel on your teeth serves...
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Why Teeth Break More During the Holidays

Although the teeth are the hardest part of your body, that doesn’t mean they’re unbreakable. Teeth can break, and it can be a painful experience. Unfortunately, it often seems that teeth break more during the holiday season, which is the most inconvenient time to have a dental emergency. Here’s a closer look at why teeth tend to break more during the ‘most wonderful time of the year,’ a few tips to protect teeth this holiday season, and some suggestions on what you can do if you do break a tooth.

Reasons Teeth Break More During the Holidays

Why do more...
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Avoiding Sugary Snacks During the Holidays

Sugary snacks and treats may be delicious, but if you consume too much of them during the holiday season you could end up with multiple cavities, gum disease, or extensive and destructive tooth decay. Luckily if you want to preserve your oral health there are things you can do to help encourage yourself to avoid overindulging on sugary snacks and treats this holiday season. Create Realistic Goals for Yourself In an ideal world you would be able to completely avoid all sugary snacks and treats during the holidays, but that isn’t a realistic goal. Make sure you set realistic expectations for yourself. For example,...
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How Does Teeth Bonding Work?

Fixing a chipped, discolored, or severely damaged tooth doesn’t always require you go through a complex dental procedure. Sometimes the appearance and structural integrity of the tooth can be fixed with the use of a dental procedure known as teeth bonding. Learning more about teeth bonding can help you determine if this dental procedure is right for you. What is Teeth Bonding and Why is it Used? Teeth bonding, which is sometimes called just bonding or dental bonding, is a relatively quick dental procedure that can alter a tooth’s appearance or enhance its strength. There are a number of reasons why you would...
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