Dental Bonding Melbourne

Is There Any Special Everyday Care Needed for Teeth that are Bonded with Resin?

our cosmetic Melbourne fl dentist can help with teeth bonding and canker soresThe good news for people who choose teeth bonding is there is no special care treatments involved. People can brush and floss as they would with their natural teeth. Even though no special care is needed, people who choose dental bonding will need to be careful to avoid damaging or chipping the resin. They will need to avoid chewing or eating hard candies or food, biting their nails, or chewing on pen caps. Interested in teeth bonding? Contact Dr. Maryam Brazdo at Artistic Touch Dentistry who specializes as a Cosmetic Dentist in Melbourne Florida today to schedule an appointment to speak with our dentists and discover how dental bonding can help improve your smile.