Dental Fillings

Do I Have A Cavity?

You may suspect you have a cavity if you experience pain and sensitivity in your teeth when you consume hot, cold, sugary, and even acidic foods and beverages. Even cool air can irritate a particularly severe cavity. During your appointment, your Melbourne, Florida dentist, Dr. Brazdo, will examine your teeth for cavities using both her experienced eye, and 3D digital X-ray image. If she detects a cavity, your dentist will suggest filling the cavity before the decay progresses into a more serious issue that will necessitate the use of a much more invasive procedure like a root canal, or a tooth extraction.

What is the Process for Filling a Tooth?

First, your tooth and surrounding gum tissue will be numbed using a local anesthetic. The drug temporarily cuts off communication
between your tooth and your brain so you will feel no pain. When your mouth is numb, the decayed portion of your tooth will be removed
using a high-speed handpiece. After the damaged portion has been removed, the resulting space will be filled with composite material that
closely matches the color of your tooth. Here are the steps that will be followed:

Can Fillings be Prevented?

oral health dentist Melbourne flGood oral hygiene and regular dental check ups will curb cavities. Along with brushing for two minutes twice a day, prevent cavities by: