Close up view on senior dentures

2019: Dentures are Better Than Ever

Dentures, like almost all aspects of the dental industry, have improved over the years. If you get dentures now in 2019, you no longer are you stuck wearing uncomfortable, ill-fitting dental appliances that can slip and move around. Dental implant dentures are the dentures you can expect in 2019. They are strong, sturdy, and look just like real teeth.

Why People Didn’t Like “Older” Dentures

“Older” dentures, which we consider to be dentures that were created 15 or 20 years ago, offered people the opportunity to replace missing teeth, but they were nothing like real teeth. Not only did they look like artificial teeth, but they also didn’t feel natural and could even cause you to experience discomfort and pain. It is because of these problems that people were reluctant to get dentures or in some cases choose to not get dentures at all.

Some of the reasons why people didn’t like the older-model dentures include:

Embarrassment – older dentures stayed in place using an adhesive that was kind of like glue. The adhesive worked really well when it was first put on, but over time it would wear down. When it wore down the dentures would start to wiggle and wobble and sometimes they could even fall completely out.

Discomfort and pain – older dentures had a giant metal bar that ran around the top of the mouth. This was often uncomfortable and painful for people.

Unnatural appearance – the teeth on older dentures had a very unnatural appearance. People could tell that you were wearing “false” teeth.

Needing to get new dentures all the time – your mouth would often change shape over time when you wore older dentures. In order to make your dentures properly fit, you would have to get new dentures made all the time.

Options for People Considering Dentures in 2019

Approximately 15 to 20 years ago, dentists and oral surgeons started experimenting with using dental implants with dentures. Instead of having the large, clunky dental appliance used to replace your teeth, these dental professionals started using sleeker, more natural looking dental appliances that could easily be attached to dental implants. The results were amazing.

Dental implant dentures are considered the “modern” dentures of the dental industry. They are natural looking, relatively pain-free, easy to use, and don’t fall, slip, or wobble. If you are considering getting dental implant dentures in 2019, you will be given one of two options – implant supported dentures or implant retained dentures.

There are very few differences between implant supported dentures and implant retained dentures. Most of the differences between the two are in the type of dental appliances that are used to replace your teeth.

To get a better understanding of the two types of dental implant dentures, here is a look at how they work:

Implant supported dentures – uses small little clips that are held in place by implants in your mouth. The clips hold the dentures in place. If you need to remove the dentures to clean them, you just unclip them to clean them. You might have heard people call these clip on dentures. There is a tiny metal bar that is in your mouth with implant supported dentures.

Implant retained dentures – dentures are attached to dental appliances that resemble a ball-and-socket. The dentures are securely attached to these dental implants but can still be removed for easy cleaning. Implant retained dentures do not use a metal bar.

Older Dentures are Still an Option for Some Patients

Some patients are reluctant to get implant-based dentures. For these people, the “older” dentures are still available. However, a few changes have been made.

Older dentures are now sleeker and slimmer which reduces the likelihood that you will experience pain and discomfort. They are also more natural looking. There have also been changes in the adhesives used so slippage isn’t such a big concern.

If 2019 is the year you will get older dentures or the new dental implant dentures and you are interested in seeing what your options are? Give Artistic Touch Dentistry a call to schedule a consultation with our dentist. Our Melbourne dentist will gladly provide you with recommendations for which type of dentures are best for you.