Smiling woman with perfect white teeth and a small dentists mirror reflecting her teeth being held alongside

The Clear Alternative For Straight Teeth: Invisalign

Straight teeth are a very desirable trait. Unfortunately we are not all born with a straight smile. Along with being aesthetically pleasing, a straight smile adds symmetry to our faces, is easier to clean, and allows us to eat and speak properly. Here at this Melbourne, Florida dental practice, we offer Invisalign as a treatment for malocclusion. While this option may not a perfect for everyone, it is a discrete and simple way to straighten teeth. You can call to make an appointment to see if Invisalign is right for you today.

Why are Teeth Crooked?

When our primary teeth fall out to make room for our permanent teeth, they often grow in crooked. The cause for this is mainly genetic. Some anthropologists have even discovered that the reason our teeth became crooked in the first place is because of a genetic drift that occurred thousands of years ago. When civilizations made the move from hunting and gathering to an agrarian society the human jaw became shorter and more square. Because food was easier to eat, longer jaws were no longer necessary for human survival. Unfortunately all of our teeth still are. This is not a problem however, because of modern orthodontics even the most crooked teeth are moveable.

Moving Teeth

The practice of orthodontia has been around for hundreds of years. In that time many iterations of occlusal correcting apparatus have been used. In the 18th century crude “horseshoes,” thread, and even wooden splints were used to manipulate teeth into their proper place. Thankfully the technology has improved and today there are many options when it comes to choosing an orthodontic treatment that is right for you.

While the technology has advanced over the centuries the science and method has largely remained the same. To move teeth a trained dentist must apply gentle pressure to the teeth and gradually they will shift into the proper place. Sometimes the need for expanders to widen the jaw will be necessary as well. This can make room for the teeth to fall into place.

Modern braces are brackets that have been bonded to the teeth and connected with an arch wire that guides them to where they should be. The orthodontist makes a plan and adjusts the braces every month. After the results are achieved, the braces come off and the patient will be fitted with a retainer that will help the teeth stay in place after the appliances have been removed.

While braces are a marvel of modern dentistry, they are not the most aesthetically pleasing of appliances. For some patients, having braces is embarrassing or unprofessional. For those people, clear aligners are the answer. At this Melbourne, Florida dental practice, Invisalign can help patients of all ages and malocclusions achieve a straight smile in the most discreet way possible.


Invisalign braces are the latest in orthodontic innovation. They are a discreet and effective way to straighten teeth and correct many malocclusions. With Dr. Brazdo’s extensive knowledge of the mouth and placement of teeth, she is able to prescribe a treatment plan for most patients. First a consultation will reveal whether or not you are a candidate for Invisalign. Some cases are much too complex and will require the expertise of an orthodontist. If you are a good match for this treatment, Dr. Brazdo will take an impression of your mouth and create a customized treatment plan. Soon you will begin to receive clear aligners. These aligners are to be worn for two weeks and replaced with the next set of trays. They are to be removed while eating and during your oral hygiene routine, making care and upkeep of your oral health easy as ever! Over the two weeks your teeth will gradually move. Over the course of treatment, your teeth will shift into their proper places, and before you know it (normally within two years) your smile will be straight.  

The benefits of straight teeth are endless. Straight teeth are easier to take care of, and much more fun to show off. If you have been wanting a straight smile, but don’t want to deal with years of braces, give our Melbourne, Florida dental practice a call. Dr. Brazdo can evaluate your condition and let you know if Invisalign is right for you!