Invisalign And You

Invisalign And You

For most people, having a brilliant smile isn’t just about having bright white teeth and healthy gums, it’s about having straight, bright white teeth and healthy gums. But for many the dream of having straight teeth involves an orthodontist and a set of conspicuous braces for more than a year. Thankfully, there is a treatment option that is inconspicuous, effective, and can provide you with a straight smile in a relatively short period of time. You already know it’s called Invisalign, but do you know how it works?

Why Are Straight Teeth Important?

Straight teeth provide superior aesthetics to a smile, however they can have many more effects than just a confidence boost. Straight teeth are often also healthy teeth, this is because they are easier to floss and maintain. Crowded teeth can make it difficult for you to properly clean and remove all the harmful bacteria that causes tooth decay and periodontal disease. Straight teeth are also an indication of a healthy occlusion. Because the teeth have been moved to fit with each other, speech is improved as is the ability to eat. In some cases aligned teeth can even aid in the prevention of tooth damage due to grinding or misguided pressure. There are very few people who are born with straight teeth, so often straight teeth are an indicator of an investment made on oral health. People who invested in their smiles by choosing braces or Invisalign technology are especially motivated to keep their teeth and gums healthy, so that they can enjoy their smile for a lifetime.

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an inconspicuous way of straightening your teeth. It utilizes clear trays that are custom-molded to your teeth. Week by week you change out the aligners and your teeth will begin to move in the right direction. You can take them out to eat, drink, and to perform your oral health routine. The best part about Invisalign is that they are clear and most people will never know you have them. Making them the perfect treatment option for professionals seeking a straight smile.  

How Does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign is an amazing technology that begins when you schedule an appointment with Dr. Brazdo at our Melbourne, Florida office. At this first appointment you will discuss what you would like fixed and if Invisalign is the right treatment for you. If so, X-rays, impressions, and photographs will be taken of your teeth. Dr. Brazdo will then craft a treatment plan for you. Based on your condition, the process may take between 9 and 15 months. Her plan will detail how and when each tooth will move, and give you a reasonable time frame for how long this process should take.

Next your plan will be set into motion. You will receive your aligners and begin wearing them. Every two weeks you’ll change to a new set and your teeth will continue to move. Every six weeks you will have an appointment with Dr. Brazdo to see how everything is going. Before you know it, your smile will be straight!

Who Does Invisalign Work For?

Invisalign works for a wide range of patients. From patients with slightly crooked teeth to those with serious occlusion issues, Invisalign is an effective way to gradually straighten teeth. Gapped teeth, overbites, crossbites, underbites, crowded teeth, and open bites are all cases that can be successfully treated with Invisalign. Because this technology employs the use of clear, smooth plastic it is virtually undetectable and preferred by adults who want straight teeth without anyone knowing, or responsible adolescents who would prefer to not have braces in all of their high school photos. There are some cases that Invisalign would not be a good match for however. Luckily, Dr. Brazdo can refer you to a trusted orthodontist who will be able to provide you with many alternative options.

No matter your reason for wanting straight teeth, from the ease of healthy habit forming or the confidence it brings, Invisalign may be the perfect treatment for you. To see if this inconspicuous method is right for you, call our office and schedule an appointment with Dr. Brazdo today! She can create a custom treatment plan and have your smile on a path to straight in no time.